First semester timetable:

First information meeting: on Tuesday September 18th 10h00 Salle René Baire

The lectures start on Wednesday September 19th.

Lie groups and Lie algebras: on Wednesday 14h00-16h00 Salle René Baire, on Thursday 14h00-16h00 A108
Mathematical methods of quantum physics: on Tuesday 9h00-12h15 Salle René Baire
Riemann geometry and integrable systems: on Tuesday 14h00-16h00  Salle René Baire, Wednesday 16h00-18h00 A107

Research project proposals:

Giuseppe Dito (office A327 third floor)
Jose-Luis Jaramillo   (office A323 third floor)
Christian Klein  (office A312 third floor)
Sebastien Leurent (office A331 third floor)
Adrien Dubouloz  (office A325 third floor) and  Ronan Terpereau (office A328 third floor)
Luis Paris (office A334 third floor) and Emmanuel Wagner (office A322 third floor)
Gwénaël Massuyeau (office A414 forth floor) and Emmanuel Wagner (office A322 third floor)
Simona Rota-Nodari (office A233 second floor)
Peter Schauenburg (office A324 third floor)
Shizan Fang (office A330 third floor)
Nikolai Kitanine (office A405 fourth floor)
Guido Carlet (office A404 fourth floor)

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